vPoller version 0.2.5 released - new features & highlights

Version 0.2.5 of the VMware vSphere Distributed Pollers, a.k.a vPoller has been released.

Below you will a summary of the changes in vPoller version 0.2.5 along with a detailed changelog.

For more information about vPoller, how to install and configure it and please refer to the vPoller Github repository.

What's New in vPoller

Below you will find a summary of the new features, improvements and highlights in vPoller version 0.2.5:

  • vPoller CLI tools
  • More vPoller methods supported
  • Debian GNU/Linux packages for vPoller available
  • Integration with Zabbix
  • Small bug fixes

Please read further for more details on what's new in vPoller version 0.2.5.

vPoller CLI Tools

As of version 0.2.5 of vPoller you can get ready-to-use shell alias functions, which make it easy to use vPoller for navigating and exploring your VMware vSphere environment from the command-line by using the vPoller vcli-* tools.

For more information about the vPoller vcli-* tools along with examples and how to install them please refer to the VMware vSphere CLI tips & tricks with vPoller article.

More vPoller methods supported

The list of supported vPoller methods is growing with version 0.2.5.

The table below summarizes the list of currently supported methods by vPoller along with description for each of them as of version 0.2.5.

vPoller Method Description
about Get 'about' information for the vSphere host this agent is connected to
event.latest Get the latest registered in the vSphere host the agent is connected to
net.discover Discover all vim.Network managed objects
net.get Get properties for a vim.Network managed object
net.host.get Get all HostSystems using a specified vim.Network
net.vm.get Get all VirtualMachines using a specified vim.Network
datacenter.discover Discover all vim.Datacenter managed objects
datacenter.get Get properties for a vim.Datacenter managed object
cluster.discover Discover all vim.ClusterComputeResource managed objects
cluster.get Get properties for a vim.ClusterComputeResource managed object
resource.pool.discover Discover all vim.ResourcePool managed objects
resource.pool.get Get properties for a vim.ResourcePool managed object
host.discover Discover all vim.HostSystem managed objects
host.get Get properties for a vim.HostSystem managed object
host.cluster.get Get the cluster name for a vim.HostSystem managed object
host.vm.get Get all Virtual Machines running on a specified vim.HostSystem
host.net.get Get all Networks available for a specified vim.HostSystem
host.datastore.get Get all datastores available to a vim.HostSystem
vm.discover Discover all vim.VirtualMachine managed objects
vm.disk.discover Discover all guest disks on a vim.VirtualMachine object
vm.guest.net.get Discover all network adapters on a vim.VirtualMachine object
vm.net.get Get all Networks used by a specified vim.VirtualMachine
vm.get Get properties for a vim.VirtualMachine object
vm.datastore.get Get all datastore used by a vim.VirtualMachine object
vm.disk.get Get information about a guest disk for a vim.VirtualMachine object
vm.host.get Get the HostSystem in which a specified vim.VirtualMachine is running on
vm.process.get Get the running processes in a vim.VirtualMachine
datastore.discover Discover all vim.Datastore objects
datastore.get Get properties for a vim.Datastore object

Debian GNU/Linux packages for vPoller available

Something that was on the todo list for some time and requested by a lot of people was the ability to install vPoller from binary packages.

As of vPoller version 0.2.5 we are now providing packages for Debian GNU/Linux systems.

You can find the vPoller packages at the link below:

Integration with Zabbix

As of version 0.2.5 vPoller now provides ready to use Zabbix templates, which allows for the integration of vPoller with Zabbix in order to start monitoring your VMware vSphere environment with Zabbix and vPoller.

You can read more about the integration of vPoller and Zabbix at the VMware monitoring with Zabbix, Python & vPoller article.

What's Next

This summarizes the new features and highlights for this release of vPoller.

As usual you can always find vPoller at the vPoller Github repository.